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Kraken Downpipe Back 2.5″ full exhaust with a choice of Magnflow mufflers SS 304l 10mm laser cut flange,SS 304l mandrel bent pipe, SS 304l vbands, SS304l hangers Choice of 2 mufflers, 12246 Straight Through and 13256 Chambered (quiet) Please select from the drop down menu chassis type and muffler (straight through recommended) Please note this […]

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Kraken T25 Ni-Resist Turbo Manifold and T25 GT5 Bolt 3″ Downpipe 1 x Kraken NiResist T25 Manifold (fits all years) 1 x Kraken NiResist T25 GT5 Bolt Vband Adapter 3″ (fits all years/all engines) 1 x 3″ SS Downpipe to Standard Location CAT     *Open means straight pipe  NO flange  * Please note the 3″ […]