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1800cc Kraken T25 Low Mount turbo manifold, This is something we have been trying to get off the ground for a little while, time has arrived to make this into reality *Cast from nodular NiResist alloy and CNC machined to spec *Takes up to 2871 or EFR 6758 turbochargers, believe a 3071 will fit but […]

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Top Mount Mazda Miata/MX5 BorgWarner Turbo Manifold & 3″ Straight Through Exhaust On Vbands This system is based on our very own T25 Exhaust manifold which was designed by us and is formed by casting high alloy materials with  properties that include, high thermal stability, ductile nodular graphite micro structure and general all round goodness. […]

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Kraken T25 Ni-Resist Turbo Manifold and T25 GT5 Bolt 3″ Downpipe 1 x Kraken NiResist T25 Manifold (fits all years) 1 x Kraken NiResist T25 GT5 Bolt Vband Adapter 3″ (fits all years/all engines) 1 x 3″ SS Downpipe to Standard Location CAT     *Open means straight pipe  NO flange  * Please note the 3″ […]