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Kraken Downpipe Back 2.5″ full exhaust with a choice of Magnflow mufflers SS 304l 10mm laser cut flange,SS 304l mandrel bent pipe, SS 304l vbands, SS304l hangers Choice of 2 mufflers, 12246 Straight Through and 13256 Chambered (quiet) Please select from the drop down menu chassis type and muffler (straight through recommended) Please note this […]

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Kraken T25 Ni-Resist Turbo Manifold and 2.5″  Premium Downpipe Top Mount Mazda Miata/MX5 Garret T25 Turbo manifold and 2.5″ T25 GT 5Bolt premium downpipe This system is based on our very own T25 Exhaust manifold which was designed by us and is formed by casting high alloy materials with  properties that include, high thermal stability, […]