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$ 872.97

Top Mount Mazda Miata/MX5 BorgWarner Turbo Manifold & Downpipe, this system is based on our very own T25 Exhaust manifold which was designed by us and is formed by casting high alloy materials with  properties that include, high thermal stability and ductile nodular graphite micro structure, this alloy is comparable to stainless steel but with […]

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Available for OEM Garrett, EFR & TD04L 13T Subaru OEM turbos, please make sure your selection is correct as the fittings are different. Please note some Chinese aftermarket turbos (Garrett Td04L) have different oil feed thread Included in the kit NA with oil feed from under the exhaust manifold Turbo fitting Engine fitting (exhaust manifold) […]

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Kraken NiResist T25 Turbo Manifold and GT 5 Bolt Vband Adapter 2.5″ / 3″ 1 x Top Mount Kraken NiResist T25 Turbo Manifold (Select Engine size) 1 x Kraken NiResist T25 GT 5Bolt flange Vband adapter (Size 2.5″ / 3″) 1 x Quick Release vband clamp 1 x Female vband flange 4 x Inconel 758 […]