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Kraken Garrett Turbo Kit with 3” Full Exhaust



Kraken Garrett Turbo Kit with 3” Full Exhaust


Kraken Top Mount T25 *Ni-Resist Turbo Manifold and 3″ Straight-Through Stainless Steel Exhaust

The downpipe connects to the turbo with a custom 3″ bell mouth type cast V-band adapter cast in stainless steel, then all the way 3″ straight through design with quality Swedish made resonator and muffler tied all together with 304L SS V-bands connections. The exhaust is HAND MADE with all components from 304L SS and TIG welded.

The Simons 200 Cell Metalic Catalytic Converter is with vbands connections and has an additional DE-CAT pipe on vbands

Please note the exhaust DOES NOT come with a CAT provision as standard, you do have an option to order a CAT and DE-CAT with the exhaust otherwise it is DECAT type with just a straight pipe where the cat would sit. To retrofit a CAT the exhaust will need to be cut and welded, so please buy the correct exhaust to start with.

All the above option would be recommended if you have a 1.6 NA car and would want a 1.8 “Upgrade” down the line.

AC & PS compatible 2″ Hot Side Piping / Stock Turbo Orientation, routing is over and down the side

PS Compatible 2.5″ Hot Side Piping, Includes extra actuator bracket. We Will clock the turbo for you if you choose the mount me the turbo option above

TurboSmart 25mm Blow-Off Valve Upgrade, Recirculating. ***
Chinese universal type supplied as standard

This is a complete kit for all years (1989-2005 and all engine sizes) fits both Garrett and EFR turbos. All the fittings you will need for Water, Oil Feed and Oil Return connections
Please Note you will need to Self Assemble the Oil Feed Line

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