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Garrett GT2554R

$691 ex VAT

$691 ex VAT

Available on backorder

Garrett GT2554R

$691 ex VAT

Available on backorder

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Please note turbo will come clocked and mounted for your specific setup

Garrett Turbocharger GT2554R – 836023-1 / 471171-3

Genuine Garrett turbocharger

standard version according to Garrett GT-R turbocharger listing

performance rating: 170 – 270 HP
recommended displacement: 1.4 – 2.2L

compressor: inlet 42.1mm / outlet 54.3mm / trim 60 / 0.80ar
turbine: diameter 53.0mm / trim 62 / 0.64ar / internal wastegate

– dual ball bearing (471171-3)
– dual ball bearing ceramic (836023-1)
– oil and water cooled bearing system
– internal wastegate with actuator
– smallest available ball bearing Garrett turbocharger

Not sold individually

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Weight7 kg


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