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Kraken Low Mount Garrett Intercooler

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Kraken Low Mount Garrett Intercooler

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Intercooler to suit universal Garrett turbos and the Kraken turbo manifold.

The intercooler is made in house, with good quality 550mm x 180mm x 65mm core and comes with 2.5″ aluminium piping on the throttle body side and turbo side except if you have AC and PS. If you have AC and PS the hotside piping will be 2″

Included in the kit

All clamps and silicone elbows

Iacv connection with “cactus Silicone elbow”

Aluminium piping

Chines GM air sensor

Chinese 25mm blow off valve

The kit is complete and you will not need anything else

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions60 × 20 × 15 cm


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