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Garrett T25/EFR 1.8 Low Mount Ni-Resist Turbo Manifold & 3″ Downpipe

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

LowMount Garrett or EFR downpipe kit, this setup is probably the best flowing and strongest on the market bar none, this will flow as much as your turbo  and engine can handle.

Your order will include the following

1 x 1.8 Kraken Low Mount  NiResist T25 Manifold (fits all years)

1 x 3″ SS Garrett or EFR Downpipe to Standard Location CAT     *Open means straight pipe  NO flange  * Please note the 3″ two bolt flange barely fits a 2.5″ CAT/Exhaust

1 x 3″ SS Quick Release Vband Clamp (EFR only)

4 x 8mm Inconel Studs/Copper Nut

5 x SS studs and locking hardware (Garrett)

1 x Lower rad hose replacement hose, this makes fitting straight forward




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