Kraken Top Mount T25 3″ BW EFR Turbo Back Exhaust

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Kraken Top Mount T25 3″ BW EFR Turbo Back Exhaust

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Made in house from 304L stainless steel, TIG welded with 304L SS vbands and it 3″ turbo-back, back purged pie cut EFR tight radius elbow and complete 3″ downpipe , from turbo exhaust housing to the tip

Please note muffler availability is patchy and there are two muffler types systems that are available, at the moment (25th of Feb 2021) only the Magnaflow is available, please send us a message if you want to know the availability of the Simons system or vice-versa

  1. Magnaflow system which is a 12579 muffler and no resonator
  2. Simons system which has a smaller Turbo Heavy muffler and a Simons resonator

Please note the sports catalytic converter is now a Simons Metallic SBF / FIA approved, 100 cells metallic type and it comes with a separate de-cat pipe on vbands

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