3″ Turbo-Back Exhaust for Low Mount T25 GT 5 Bolt Turbo & Twin/DUPLEX Muffler


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3″ Turbo-Back Exhaust for Low Mount T25 GT 5 Bolt Turbo & Twin/DUPLEX Muffler


This product is a turbo back 3″ exhaust (downpipe included) to be used ONLY with Kraken Low Mount Manifold and Garrett/Universal T25 GT 5 Bolt Turbo.

PLEASE NOTE Low Mount manifold isn’t included in this product.

The exhaust connects to the turbo with a custom 3″ bell mouth type cast V-band adapter in stainless steel, then all the way 3″ straight through design with quality Swedish made resonator and muffler tied all together with 304L SS V-bands connections. The exhaust is HAND MADE with all components from 304L SS and TIG welded.

The muffler, resonator and 200 cell metalic cat are made from 304L stainless steel in Sweden by Simons Exhaust Systems.
Simons part numbers are as follow:
-Twin Exit Duplex Muffler U327663R
-Resonator U457600R
-200Cell Metallic CAT UK0376AR (Optional)*

*Please note the exhaust DOES NOT come with a CAT provision as standard, you do have an option to order a CAT and DECAT with the exhaust otherwise it is DECAT type with just a straight pipe where the cat would sit. To add a cat afterwards the exhaust will need to be cut, so please buy the correct exhaust to start with. The cat is sold at trade price, this means its being sold for or the same amount we buy it for. 

In this kit you will receive:

-Kraken 3″ Low Mount GT 5 Bolt V-band Adapter

-3″ downpipe & full exhaust with Twin Exit Muffler

-3″ V-band clamps

-5 x SS Studs

-5 x M8 SW12 copper nut

-1 x GT 5 Bolt gasket

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